The nature of quality and freshness

Photo of fresh products
Photo of Mike Oliver
Mike Oliver
Produce Manager
34 Years Service

New Jersey isn’t called “The Garden State” for nothing. Combine the best in-season local produce along with suppliers and vendors who provide year-round freshness and you have quality by the bushel.

We participate in the “Jersey Fresh” program that recognizes our state’s natural heredity in growing the best produce in the country. You’ll find beautifully merchandised, freshly rotated and premium selected fruit and vegetables on our shelves. We pride ourselves on purchasing fresh from the farm produce from local vendors like Pinelands Farms, Sansone’s and Blue Moon Acres Farm

In addition, we have a fresh cut produce bar that hand washes and carves fruits and vegetables every day, saving you time while providing high end products like dips, breakfast parfaits, tropical salsas and appetizer dips like spinach or hummus.

Like freshly squeezed OJ? We have it in 3 sizes. You’d swear we just picked it from a tree.

Organic your preference? We have an entire section stocked with more than 45 different products to meet your dietary needs.